With over 15 years’ experience within the real estate sector and after a period of specialisation and exclusive dedication to leasing, we have come back to buying and selling for a long-term commitment.

Born in 2015, PISOS DE VALENCIA is our new brand name, created to respond to the current needs of our clients in a changeable real estate market.

Our brand is synonymous with seriousness, professionalism, efficacy, guarantee and corporate profitability. Our team is full of highly experienced professionals that receive continuous training, experts in real estate business that always work in the field in order to get the best possible properties for our portfolio and the best possible financial conditions for our clients.

We offer customised real estate solutions, both for the owners that wish to sell or rent their home or establishment and for the potential purchasers or leaseholders that wish to find a home or establishment, for what we provide you with our experience, our professional integrity and our commitment in order to meet the needs of our clients that, as for today, are the ones that can verify first hand our savoir-faire. Hence our client and property base is growing day by day. (Please find our offered solutions in section ‘Services’)

We served ourselves with the latest technological advances for a magnificent lease and purchase management, including management applications that, through our systems of automatic information, alerts for clients, geomarketing and online campaigns, facilitate our property management. As a result, any transaction would work out the more efficient and the faster possible.

We offer as well a considerable implementation on the Internet with a presence in the main real estate sites and search engines. We make major periodic investments in online advertising campaigns which remarkably facilitate our close contact with potential clients and generate a strong response from clients interested either in buying and selling or in leasing.

Therefore, our brand PISOS DE VALENCIA projects solvency, strength and efficacy, three qualities that generates the necessary confidence from our clients which keep on placing their trust in us year after year.

            Do not hesitate! If you need a solution for your properties, just trust in PISOS DE VALENCIA, we will make a bespoke suit for you and your properties.